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  Passover Plate  
  London, England, 1769  
  Pewter: cast, engraved  
  w: 42 cm (Diameter)    
  Maker: Unknown  
  The Hebrew inscription on this plate lists the order of the Passover Seder; the Yiddish inscription identifies the owner.  The owner’s initials also appear between the rampant lions on the outer rim. 

Other decorative motifs include depictions of Moses and Pharaoh; three of the Four Sons of the Haggadah; and Miriam and Aaron.  At the center is a depiction of the paschal lamb on an altar of burnt offerings.

The plate is made from pewter, an alloy composed of tin and zinc, with trace elements of copper or antimony used to strengthen the resulting alloy.

[Aramaic] “This is the bread of affliction that our forefathers ate in the land of Egypt. [Let] all who are hungry come and eat, [let] all who need come and have pesach (seder) [with us]. This year we are here [in exile], next year [we will be] in the land of Israel. This year we are slaves, next year we will be free.”
[Hebrew] [Order of the seder] Blessing over the wine: washing of the hands without the ritual blessing: vegetable dipped in salt water: breaking of the middle matzah for the afikomen: recital of the Passover story, reading of the Haggadah – washing of the hands with the ritual blessing – blessing over bread – blessing over unleavened bread – bitter herb – sandwich of charoseth and bitter herb – holiday meal – eating of the afikomen – grace after meals – hymns of praise – conclusion.
[Yiddish] This Seder bowl belongs to the officer …Gedaliah son of the h[onorable] R[abbi and] t[eacher] Leib, of b[lessed] m[emory], f[rom the] h[oly] c[ongregation] of Wanfried And his wife, the officer, Mrs. Rechele, daughter of the h[onorable] R[abbi and] t[eacher] Shmuel … f[rom the] h[oly] c[ongregation] … [5]529 t[o the shortened count].
[Hebrew] (Counter clockwise) Moshe Rabbenu/ Thus said the wicked [son]/ That does n[ot] k[now] [how] to a[sk]/ Miriam the Prophetess/ What does he say [the] simple [son]/ Wise [son] what does he s[ay]/ Aaron the High Priest/ Pharaoh, King of E[gypt]/Pesach offering

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