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  Torah Binder (Wimpel)  
  Germany, 1761  
  Linen: silk thread embroidery  
  h: 16.51 cm l: 306.07 cm   
  Maker: Unknown  
  Jews in German lands were the first to create Torah binders from infant swaddling cloths; they began this tradition in the 16th century and continue to maintain it to this day. 

This binder is decorated with traditional motifs including an open Torah scroll, a wedding canopy, and a depiction of the groom giving a ring to his bride.   We learn from the inscription that Rabbi Pinhas, the father of baby Mathithyahu for whom this binder was made, had died prior to the birth of his son.

Hebrew Inscription
In the cartouche:  Donated by the child Matityahu, son of the h[onorable] R[abbi] and t[eacher] Pinhas, of b[lessed] m[emory].
Matituahu s[on of] R[abbi] Pinhas was born to a g[ood] m[azel] on the second day of Sukkot in the year [5]522. “May God raise him to Torah, Huppah, and good deeds. Amen.”

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