May 14, 2017 - August 6, 2017
Popper Gallery

500 Years of Treasures from Oxford showcases in America for the first time an extraordinary array of ancient manuscripts, books, and silver, including what has been called “the most important collection of Anglo-Jewish manuscripts in the world.”

Among over 50 scintillating works, visitors will see a late 12th-century Ashkenazi siddur (book of daily prayers), thought to be the oldest extant anywhere, that was owned by a Sephardic Jew from the Iberian Peninsula who emigrated to England and wrote notes on his business dealings in Judeo-Arabic, a 13th-century manuscript of Samuel and Chronicles that was used by Christians to learn Hebrew, and two of the oldest manuscripts of Rashi in the world.

The show not only reveals Corpus’ then revolutionary study of Scripture in its original languages, but, through dazzling illuminated texts, the early origins of English and French, Italian Renaissance works, and explorations of the natural world (including contemporary sketches of Galileo’s observations of the moon’s surface, and a letter by Newton about the orbits of comets).

A rich array of programming, including lectures, gallery talks, and docent-led tours complements the exhibition, featuring such speakers as Brad Sabin Hill (former Fellow in Hebrew Bibliography, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies), Roger Cohen (columnist, The New York Times), Lenn Goodman (Vanderbilt University), and Gerry Baker (editor-in-chief, The Wall Street Journal).

500 Years reveals to America a collection of astonishing treasures that are usually only accessible to scholars with specific research requirements.

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