Sukkah/Bus Stop: Aleksandr Razin

September 16, 2007 - January 13, 2008

This installation connects an American Pop symbol (a bus stop) and the holiday of Sukkot, the period during which the Israelites wandered the desert living in huts, their last stop before they entered the Promised Land. Uniting the two symbols into one, Razin attempts to create a universal Sukkah with all its associations: shelter, protection, transience, migration. The artist incorporates posters prevalent on NYC bus stops: "Free Time Share" on a desert scene and "Map Tips" charting the movements of his own family from ancient Egypt to modern day New York City, with stops in Israel, Spain, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan and New York.

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Installation view: Sukkah/Bus Stop: Aleksandr Razin, 2007.