Longing For The Sacred: Destroyed Synagogues

May 18, 2004 - October 8, 2004
Selz Foundation Gallery

Longing for the Sacred features paintings and stained glass models by two European-born artists, Greta Schreyer and Felix Reisner, of synagogues destroyed in the Holocaust. A Viennese artist who fled Europe at the onset of World War II, Greta Schreyer now lives in New York City. In her dream-like and mystical oil paintings, Schreyer re-creates from memory images of the Red Forest that hid partisans, as well as six Polish Russian synagogues that were destroyed. Stained glass models built by Felix Reisner, a self-taught craftsman, of five of the same synagogues, complement the paintings. The synagogues Include the Great Synagogue in Warsaw, the Stara synagogue in Lodz, the Great Synagogue of Danzig, and the Frankfurt am Main Synagogue.

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Greta Schreyer, Zabludow Synagogue, 1991. Collection of Yeshiva University Museum, Gift of the Artist.