Bread/Lechem: Photographs by Margalit Mannor

February 3, 2008 - August 3, 2008
Selz Foundation Gallery

Thirteen large color photographs by Tel Aviv native Israeli artist, Margalit Mannor, document a little-known phenomenon in Israel today - the process by which stale bread is collected from Israeli bakeries and recycled into cattle fodder. Initiated by a Jewish man who fled a Polish ghetto in 1943, this small-scale recycling effort has since expanded, and is now practiced on farms throughout Israel, calling to mind the name, 'Bethlehem', derived from the Hebrew words, beit and lechem, meaning 'Home of Bread.' Mannor's work is included in the collections of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv Museum, the Jewish Museum, New York, and the Brooklyn Museum, among others.

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Installation view: Bread/Lechem: Photographs by Margalit Mannor, 2008.